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Stop this!

If you're doing any of these things...


These habits are literally destroying your potential.

-Stop blaming your kids snacks for your lack of self-control. You bought the snacks, right? You brought them into the house. Stop blaming them.

-Stop treating weekends like a free-for-all. Friday-Sunday is a 72-hour period where fat loss dreams go to thrive or die. Your choice.

-Stop blaming your spouse/significant other. Just because they aren't trying to lose fat doesn't mean you can't achieve your goals.

-Stop saying you've tried everything, and nothing works. You haven't.

-Stop being cheap. Invest in yourself.

-Stop settling for less than your best. You WILL regret sooner than you think.

-Stop suffering in silence. Get accountability and support.

When you're ready to stop waking up feeling awful, being overweight and not having the vibrant life you want...

Here's your next step:

Join my next 6 week Get Fit Program staring Nov 7th with systems that will leave zero guesswork along with accountability every single day.

Registration closes Friday Nov 5th so don't wait, act now!


Good tough love advice, Cheryl!!


Great post Cheryl - 💯. I’ve done the challenge in the past, without a doubt, it’s the best program offered - good clean eating habits & great recipes!!


Amazing program. I had great success and will continue on this wellness journey.


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