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Since 1998, Cheryl Pattyn (B.A, Hons.Kin, CSEP-CEP), commonly referred to the “Workout Queen”, has turned her passion for fitness and personal training into the energy-infused Positive Image Fitness.


Positive image is about living a fearless, confident and strong life in and outside the studio.  She realizes that not everyone WANTS to move, but that everyone NEEDS to move to stay balanced, focused and inspired in all areas of life.

Cheryl’s athletic abilities began with figure skating in elementary school. That quickly progressed into school volleyball, basketball and track and field. But it was in high school Cheryl was introduced to the weight room and it was love at first sight. The feeling of getting stronger and being in control of my body and how it moves was addicting!


After graduating York University with a kinesiology degree with a certificate in personal training she worked at a local big box gym for 2 years before stepping out on her own.


Today she owns a brick and mortar studio in Ilderton offering group strength and conditioning classes, spin classes, 6 week Get Fit Challenges and the Confident Kids program. Plus she continues to work privately in the comfort of clients’ homes for one on one training or at the studio  adapting movement to suit a person’s specific needs for optimum results.


Helping people improve their quality of life through physical activity is extremely fulfilling. Seeing a client go from “I could never to that” to “I did it!” is awesome.


Cheryl’s tag line/hashtag, FearlessConfidentStrong is just that. Her clients walk away from a workout confident in their physical abilities and inspired to live a healthier life for themselves and those around them.

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Coach Carrie

How long have you been with Positive Image Fitness? I have been with Positive Image Fitness since day 1 of the doors opening in June 2018!!

What is your biggest fitness accomplishment? I actually have 2!! The first was reaching a personal best of squatting 300lbs. I never thought it was possible for me to lift that much but it’s amazing where hard work and consistency can get you!!

The second is losing and keeping 20+ lbs off for over a year now! I had always been a yo-yo when it came to losing weight - lose some, gain it back! But since working with Cheryl, the weight is staying off, I am still strong 💪🏻and I feel amazing!!

What is your favourite workout - my favourite style of workouts are HIIT/circuit based training and lifting heavy!! My favourite exercise move is squats - strong legs for life!!

What is your favourite time to workout - right after work!! I schedule it in like I would any other meeting or appointment and refuse to miss it!!

What is your favourite healthy snack - Greek yogurt with peanut butter! LOTS of peanut butter!!

One thing you don’t know about me is that my love for coaching goes back a long way!! It started when I was in first year at Western - I went back to coach the Medway girls Field Hockey team. The teacher coach for the team had become quite sick and the team needed a coach in order to start their season. So, myself and a friend (also a former teammate) went back, coached the team and made sure the season went ahead!

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Coach Mallorie

How long have you been with PIF?? I have had the privilege of being with Cheryl since day 1!

What is your biggest fitness accomplishment?

It’s really hard to select one as I have many over the course of my career in fitness. I started out powerlifting then after my first child transitioned into triathlon training and now, I’m on a new growth journey of finding the best balance for me.  As coach, just like clients, we are always evolving and developing.  I would say if I had to pick one it would probably be my 1st 10k race it was a huge struggle as running has always been a big weakness of mine.

What is your favourite workout or workout move? Wow that’s hard to pick.  I love a good spin class cracking the jams and rocking out but I do also enjoy going back to my power lifting roots stacking the bar and back squatting.

What is your favourite time of day to workout?

I have always been a morning type get up get it done have all the energy to start your day!

What is your favourite healthy snack?

A good in season fresh from the garden field cucumber nothing beats it.

What is one thing we don’t know about you?

I love to teach aqua fit. It is where I started my fitness journey. My mom and I would do the classes together.

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Coach Cyndi

My greatest fitness accomplishments were becoming a snowboard instructor alongside my son 5 years ago and getting my yoga Alliance certification last year

My favourite work out is a combined leg training day followed by Vinyasa hip opener yoga to stretch and relax

My favourite time to work out is first thing in the morning when the sun is coming up preferably outdoors

My favourite healthy snack is a couple cubes of cheese with a small handful of smoked almonds

One thing most people don't know about me is that I love to wakeboard and flowride (like the surfing machine on cruise ships)

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Coach Brittany

How long have you been with Positive Image: 3 months

What is your biggest fitness accomplishment? Placing second in my bikini competition

What is your favourite workout or workout move?
Boxing and Pilates

What is your favourite time of day to workout?
Morning Pilates and night time boxing!
I move slow in the morning so Pilates is nice but at night I prefer something more high intensity

What is your favourite healthy snack?
Cucumbers or rice cakes

What is one thing we don’t know about you?
I was a dancer for 14yrs!
I studied ballet, tap, acro, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop!
Jazz and ballet were my favorite though!

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Coach Jen

How long have you been with us? I’ve been with Positive Image since the beginning,  June 2018!

What is your biggest fitness accomplishment? My biggest fitness accomplishment was teaching my very first Spin class.  It was a charity event with over 50 participants in the class and in front of a crowd at the market in downtown London.  No pressure at all... LOL

What is your favourite workout? My favorite workout is spin!!! (no big surprise there) I was not athletic as a kid so joining a gym as an adult was intimidating. I tried and failed at a few classes before I found spin.  But I will never forget walking into my first spin class with the great music and fun vibe.  I knew I had found my people.

When is your favourite time of day to workout? I’ve been working shift work at the hospital for over 20 years so I can’t really say what my favourite time of day to workout is because it’s always changing.  I’m just always really grateful that I take that time for myself and my health.

What is your favourite healthy snack? My favourite healthy snack would have to be a banana bread smoothie.  Greek yogurt,  banana, Almond butter,  cinnamon ,  nutmeg and ginger  blended with water.

What is one thing we don’t know about you? One thing you might not know about me is that despite not being athletic as a kid,  I am a classically trained ballerina.  I study ballet for over 10 years.  At my height though,  I was way too tall and always got the roles as boy because there are so few boys … LOL