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Check out our small group class schedule to see what classes are happening when and if you are new to Positive Image Fitness then take us on a test drive with a free 1 week pass

Ryan Hall

Since going to Positive Image Fitness I have never felt better. The quality of instruction is second to none. Customized work out routines that are different with each workout gives a full body work out! Going to class and knowing that all the planning is done for you makes the gym experience easy to attend and keeps me going back for more! If you want to get back on track and maintain a level of fitness that improves both your physical and mental health Positive Image Fitness is for you and everyone you know!

Marjorie Johnson

Great variety in the routines offered the staff are really knowledgeable and encouraging. Everything is geared toward your personal goals no matter what that may be Small and intimate and always trying to improve. Sound advice on nutrition, mental health and total well being. I was never a gym “ goer “ but this has been a real positive experience and I try not to miss a class every weekday and I do it all online. In the summer the outdoor classes were so much fun.


I get it we all need a little inspiration sometimes to take that first step or to keep showing up for yourself when life has thrown you a curve ball.  So this page is designed to to just that - inspire you to start or keep showing up for yourself because the best project you will ever work on is YOU!


Hanna Falconer

If you like smaller classes where the instructors are there to help you , a wide variety of different classes weekly having options and never the same routine .. this gym is for you!! The coaches are incredible, the owner has become someone I can talk to , she is always willing to teach and always very positive!! Very welcoming space & lots to offer!!

Karen Duncan

Positive Image is an excellent studio, first and foremost starting with Cheryl (business owner) and her amazing team of Instructors!!! The variety of classes and the flexibility with the sign up schedule is excellent. Personal training, cardio classes, Pilates, yoga, kick boxing and spin classes - there’s a choice for everyone, in house and online classes! A one week free trial is also offered, challenge yourself to be part of this amazing community, I’m glad I did, it’s the best investment I’ve made - taking care of my health!! 😊💪🏋🏻‍♀️🧘‍♀️


Laurie Fowles

I have been going to Positive Image Fitness for 3 years. I can’t even describe the amazing impact it has made on my life. I am so much more confident and I feel so much stronger physically and emotionally. Cheryl and her coaches are positive, encouraging and motivating. I look forward to working out and I love the advice and instruction provided by the coaches. I don’t worry about hurting myself because Cheryl and her coaches are always watching and instructing so I am doing exercises correctly and safely. You don’t get that kind of support working out alone in your garage. I am so proud to be stronger and fitter than I have ever been in my life at 55 years of age thanks to Positive Image Fitness. Thank you Cheryl!

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