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I don't like to send you to many promos or buy these emails, but I didn't want you to miss out in case you don't follow me on FB or Instagram.

I don't discount my services or products often but when I do I like to give you the best I can give! I have 2 Cyber Monday deals that are gone THIS Friday at midnight!!

Class passes are now 50% off and are valid for 12 months from time of purchase and can be used on any in person or LIVE online classes. If you are new to Positive Image Fitness, here is what I would do, register for a free week (you still have the option to train with LIVE online or in person) and grab 1 of the class pass packs for when the free week is done so you can keep going!

If you got your training locked down but need some guidance with your nutrition, then I am also offering my nutrition programs at 50% off! This is my 6-week program, 10-day detox nutrition plan and my NEW 30-day plant-based program. You get the full meal plan, recipe book, grocery lists and success manual I use when I run these programs as a group. You do not get access to any of the training JUST the nutrition.

To access the class pass deals head on over to my website...

Use coupon codes 5class for 50% off the 5 class pack 10class for 50% off the 10 class pack

To access the nutrition programs, head on over to my online store...SHOP | PositiveImageFitness Using coupon code nutrition for 50% off the nutrition programs

If you have any questions email me back and happy shopping


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