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51 days!

We are 51 days into 2024!


Are you sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?


If not why?


What changed in the past 51 days?


Why is your goal less important now?


Why are you not making your health a priority?


Don’t fall back into the same slump.


You control what you eat, how you train, how you sleep, and how you manage your time.


The choice is yours and we are here to help if you are still stuck in a funk from the holidays or fell off track after a few short weeks of effort.


Reply to this email share your story with me and lets find a program that fits your goals to get you back on track but more important stay on track for life!

P.S. Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you live a healthier happier life.

1. Join Positive Image Fitness ONLINE for a Free 7 Day Trial – Click Here

Access to our online workout library and access our live online training classes Monday- Friday at 7am for 30 mins.


2.  Local to the Ilderton Area? Join our small group training program and work with me in person for a Free 7 day trial - Click here With 26 Group Session a week we have options for most schedules. Train with like-minded, motivated, supportive individuals and top-level coaches. If you want accountability and coaching in person this is the community for you. Try a Free Week with us.

3. Work with me one on one to up level your training and/or nutrition. We can train in person at the studio or online through my app. And a good training program deserves a solid nutrition plan to support all those new muscles and fired up metabolism. Email to just chat and see if one on one coaching is right for you.


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