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Build a resilient mind and body

So today's blog post is brought to you by the amazing Ben Pakulski. I follow Ben on his socials and listen to his podcasts to learn everything from nutrition, to mindset to training and everything in between.

Here is one of is posts on 45 Nutrition Principles to build a resilient mind and body. Maybe there is 1-2 things on the list that will resonate with you to help you create a more fearless, confident strong life for yourself.


I like to eat. Eating great food fuels my body like a fighter jet. But nutrition for many people can be confusing and stressful if you dont know who to trust, and how to eat to fuel your mind and body. Over the last 20 years of eating to be the biggest human on the planet, I learned a lot about what to do, and more importantly I learned what NOT to do. Although my goals now are not to be the most muscular human on the planet anymore (an award I actually won at the 2013 Arnold Classic!), the principles I use now apply to anyone. Now, my goal is to create a Brilliant Mind, and Resilient Body. Intelligent Nutrition starts with creating a healthy body. Optimizing the way your mind and body work together to look, feel, and perform at our best. I am putting the finishing touches on my Muscle Intelligence book, and in wrapping up the Nutrition intelligence document I thought I should share the 45 principles I use to guide my nutrition. Follow these 45 Nutritional Principles and you will build a ton of muscle, get leaner than ever, and feel amazing in the process:

  1. Start the day with a belly full of water. Adding lemon is cool.

  2. You are not what you eat. You are what your body does with the food you eat.

  3. Practice Mindfulness and Breathing before meals.

  4. Chew. Chew. Chew.

  5. Sit down at a table. Dont eat in a hurry.

  6. Wait minimum 30 mins after training to eat.

  7. Quality over quantity

  8. Eliminate Inflammatory foods.

  9. Eat a protein and fat breakfast.

  10. Eliminate sugar.

  11. Eliminate grains

  12. Get more omega 3 (eat wild fish)

  13. Fast acting carbs post workout.

  14. Find the foods that work well for you.

  15. Dont mix high carb and high fat at a meal.

  16. Grow your own food.

  17. Learn where glyphosate is, avoid it.

  18. Invest in a carbon filter for your water. Astrazine turns male frogs female.

  19. If you don't feel great, you're doing something wrong.

  20. Food is fuel. Eat to fuel your goals.

  21. No macronutrient is bad.

  22. Ketones are the 4th macronutrient. Utilize them.

  23. Remove all plastics from your life.

  24. No human should eat gluten.

  25. Match your nutrition to your training.

  26. Don't be afraid of salt.

  27. Eating changes with the seasons. More carbs in summer. Less carbs in winter.

  28. Eat on a consistent schedule. This sets your circadian rhythm.

  29. Never go to bed full.

  30. Take 3 minutes to be grateful for your food.

  31. Micro Nutrients matter. Eat diverse foods and supplement when necessary.

  32. Eat polyphenols every day.

  33. Eat organic vegetables. Minimize Lectins.

  34. A period of ketosis is useful for every human.

  35. Nutrient timing matters for performance, but not for sedentary people.

  36. Protein timing matters for maximum growth but stressing about it overrides everything.

  37. Do Not wake up to eat.

  38. Make sure you're getting all the 8 essential aminos.

  39. You're probably deficient in magnesium.

  40. Create rules for yourself. I DO…., I DO NOT EAT….

  41. Remove dairy. Some butter and whey may be okay for most.

  42. Collagen and glycine are useful additions for most people.

  43. 1 gram per lb protein

  44. Wild meats.

  45. Fats: Olive oil, avocado, cocoa, MCT, whole eggs. Daily.

if you think these are helpful, share them with one person you think will benefit from them.

Feel free to print them out and place them on your fridge. Some of them may require some explanation, which is all done in the book. Have an amazing day, take care of yourself. Creating a great life starts with loving your body.

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