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Strong Mind, Strong Body

I posted this on my FB page as well, but I know a lot of you are not on FB so I wanted to share this post with you.

What a weekend with Brittany's first fitness show under her belt, and yes she said it was all worth it and will do it again :)

She had the rest of the weekend to eat freely, but was back into the gym Monday and back onto an eating program to increase her calories slowly and start making some more muscle gains in her off season.

This process, and not necessarily to this extreme, can apply to anyone and everyone in life, career, wellbeing and fitness.

If you have a goal, any goal, surround yourself with people who will support, motivate, encourage and push you in the direction you want to go so when you are feeling down, feeling discouraged or feeling that this is not your path, you have the people around you to back you up and help you through the obstacles called life :)

There is never a perfect time to change anything about your career, health or wellbeing.

But once you take that leap of faith to change something that you feel deep down you need or want or have to change in your life then just do it as you will never regret it in the end.

Because of my daughters discipline to see her fitness show journey to the end there is nothing she cannot do in life.

The discipline to train, prep food, go to school, have a part-time job, and stay focused on the end result is a level of mental discipline that she will have for the rest of her life.

You DO NOT have to prep for a fitness show to develop mental and physical discipline, all you need is a goal, a plan on how to reach your goal and your "dream team" of people around you to help you make it happen.

So here's to a strong mind and body and turning dreams into a reality


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