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Focus on the Journey

Today I want to talk to you on how to use muscle building as a training ground for becoming a happy, successful and best version of yourself. Think about this quote from Jim Rohn: “Set the goal to be a millionaire, not for the money, but for the person it will make of you to achieve it”. Same goes for muscle. Most people want the muscle, but fail to realize that the muscle isn’t the prize. The prize is the character, the discipline, the sacrifice and overcoming laziness necessary to build the muscle. Many people don’t make the connection between muscle building and personal development.

But the truth is, nothing is more connected. Most people go through life avoiding pain. We are trained to avoid anything that may be hard, cause pain, or jeopardize our ultimate survival. It's not something we do on purpose, its 1000's or even millions of years of evolution driving us toward survival. We have this thing called an ego that drives us away from pain, and toward pleasure. The problem is you aren’t in danger of surviving and our egos are actually the thing causing gluttony and laziness contributing to our early illness, over-fat culture, and ultimately make it harder to live the life you want. Now that you understand a little more about creating an internal focus, I want to steer your thought about muscle building as your greatest daily opportunity to develop the character of greatness. Think about this… Do you avoid things that are hard, and choose things that you're good at to be able to boast to your friends? GROWTH is in first acknowledging the things you're not good at, and running head first into them until you’ve become a better version of yourself. Your weaknesses will always hold you back. Never your strengths. Are you someone who focuses on sending as much work through the muscle you're intending to work, or more focused on the number of reps so you can boast to your buddies or post it on social media? There is NO victory in cheating your way through life, or your training. The true victory is in looking for ways to challenge yourself, dealing with the struggle and inevitable frustration and coming out the other side knowing you conquered it. Short term sacrifice for long term gain. We live in a society of instant gratification. Or maybe more appropriately “instagramification” Everyone wants that dopamine hit now, and no one wants to put in the work for the long haul. But I know that’s not YOU. And if it is you, it's time to start paying attention. Seek the opportunity in the things that suck. Every time I step in the gym, I'm looking for the things that I suck at, the things that break first in every exercise, and then I make it my strength (can we say pull-ups!) Does your back get sore when training legs? Or maybe you get tired or out of breathe before your legs fully fatigue. Does your shoulder move before your arms or chest is full exhausted? If it's moving even a millimeter you're not growing like you could. Start

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