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#1 mistake

Many new clients are often surprised when I tell them that they’re going to have to lift weights – heavy weights – several times a week (3-4x) if they want to lose fat (plus paying attention to your nutrition of course!).

Doesn’t seem to make sense.

Doesn’t cardio do that?

They say, I want to lose weight, not pack it on!

Like many people, they believe that heavy weights are for building muscle and high reps are for losing body fat.

You see people in the gym like this all the time.

They’re cranking out sets of 15…20…25 reps.

Very little rest.

Here’s the missing piece: it’s not the high reps that burn fat long term…

It’s the heavy weights that do that.

Lifting heavy weights (with good form of course) has a ton of benefits, but the main one is this:

It stimulates your metabolism for long after the workout is over.

This means, long after the workout is over, your body is still burning fat.

So, what would you prefer?

Burning fat during a 30-minute walk?

Or burning fat 24 hours a day?

Which one do you think is going to get better results?

Cranking out the high reps?

Or the guy pounding heavy weights with good form?

You need to stop being a cardio junkie with the machines and weights and start putting your efforts into actually getting stronger.

That’s when the weight is really going to come off.

If you need some guidance in getting stronger, I have 2 ways I can help....

1. Join our in person or live online classes FREE for a week and test drive out what we have to offer to get your body strong​er.

2. Book your complimentary success session and work with me one on one. Let me guide your training so you can reach your goals faster whether it be at my studio, in your home or a program you take to the gym.


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