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I understand.

In case you don't not follow me on socials, and if you decided that the 6 week Get Fit Program is just not right for you right now... I understand but I want you to know something.

It takes courage to make life changing decisions and you have to be in enough discomfort to want to make the change happen and you are not there yet.

But I still want to help you make some simple changes over the next 5 weeks. Changes that might be all you need. Changes that will maybe encourage you to take bigger steps in the future. Changes that convince your mind that you are worthy of such changes and more.

So starting on Monday Jan 17th for 5 weeks I want you to join me on my FB and/or Instagram pages for a 5 week accountability challenge.

For this challenge we'll be having weekly nutritional challenges that we'll announce each Monday, and there will be an overarching daily cardio goal as well.

All you have to do to be apart of this challenge is to FOLLOW my FB and/or Instagram pages and feel free to share the the challenge love with friends and family.

So go right now and follow my pages, share the love and lets make 2022 your best health, fitness and mindset year ever!

Also, on Sunday, the day before we start this challenge there will be printable worksheet for you to print off and email to me at the end of the 5 weeks for a chance to win prizes!!!


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