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Does Walking Burn Fat???

Does walking 5-6 KM's a day put you in the ‘fat burning zone’? Great question!

The whole idea of the fat burning zone is a bit of misinformation. Studies show that low intensity cardio (walking on a treadmill for example) will burn fat & doing higher intensity exercise (like HIIT, interval training, burst training) will burn more carbs & some fat.

So armed with this info, many have opted for long slow cardio (thinking that this will burn more fat).

The fact is, the shorter duration burst (more intense) exercise (that generally uses carbs as an energy source) will burn more OVERALL calories. AND as a BONUS the more intense exercise will cause EPOC, (excess post oxygen consumption) which will cause your body to burn calories even AFTER your workout is over vs the slow steady state cardio. So, the 5-6 mile walk is going to increase your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) because it's such low intensity movement which is... ✔️good for over all health, but it probably WON'T be intense enough for a body re-shaping transformation. If you want to change your body composition, get a little more lean, shapely muscle, lose some of the flub, then metabolic resistance training is a great choice. It helps you build shapely muscles while boosting your metabolism in a short time. Of course, pairing the RIGHT exercise with personalized nutrition is the fastest way to re-shape your body & lose your belly.

If you need some support, I'm here for you! We are running a summertime 6 week challenge in July and another 10 day detox in June if you need a program to take your body out of its comfort zone and shape it into what your want and deserve.

Leave me a comment if you want us to help you become your best you!


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