You may have seen my road signs, all my before and after pictures of clients, and me telling you that it is possible to reach your personal health/wellness/fitness goals if you commit to the process.

is it easy - no

is it worth it - yes

will you inspire/motivate those around you - yes

will you hit road blocks - yes

will I coach you on how to handle life's road blocks - yes

will you learn new recipes - yes

will you learn more about yourself - yes

Everyone who has done 6 week challenge has had doubts and everyone has managed to overcome those doubts and see that it is possible.

The 6 week challenge is a flexible plan that allows you to have your cake too. Let me show you how with full meal plans, grocery lists, success manuals, goal setting worksheets, access to the private FB group, before/after pics, measurements, weekly weigh-ins/check ins and full access to all the online, outdoor and inside classes OR if you train at a gym a custom program designed just for you.

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