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I am SUPER excited to FINIALLY announce the winners of the past 6 week challenge.

Every time I doing this program is just proves to me that when you put your MIND to something, that anything can happen - habits can change, bodies can transform, health can improve, relationship with food can improve, and the list can go on and on.

Most people do this challenges for a more superficial reason to get them started and that is 100% fine, but when life starts pushing back that is when you need to dig a bit deeper into your why.

WHY are you wanting to eat better, why are you wanting to move your body daily, why are you wanting to feel more confident in your skin, why are you wanting to sleep better, why are you wanting more energy and a more vibrant life.

And out of the 3 winners, 1 was 100% online. I never "saw" her once. She showed up, did the live online workouts, did her weekly check-ins and made it happen. That is the beauty of this program - you do not have to live where I live to transform your heath and ultimately your life.

So, are you ready to see the amazing transformations of the 6 week Get Fit program season 12???

Here they are....

First place - ANNE KOEHLER

Second place - ELLEN SWINKLES (@wallsswinkels )

Third place - KAREN DUNCAN (@karenduncan1529 )

Congratulations to everyone and thank you once again for allowing me to be your coach and be apart of this journey with you.

Our NEXT 6 week Get Fit Program starts April 4th, so mark your calendars as registration will open up for that March 14th!!

Also, if you are not following me on FB or Instagram you may want to this week as I talk about how to create FREEDOM with STRUCTURE and give you 5 tools are how to start!! Here are the links to my social pages - see you there :)


CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!! Hard work pays off!!



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