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Its' been 2 years and we are bringing it back!!  We are super pumped for this 6 week kids fitness program.  This is a great way to introduce your kids to group training, perfect for some off season training for kids who play sports or if you need to add a bit more activity to your kids week.  They will learn how to move their bodies better and grow their confidence in strength training so they keep strong for life!

REGISTRATION OPENS JUNE 22!!  Space is limited to 10 people!!

This program will be run outside for 30 mins and the kids will have access to a rower, BB, battle ropes, TRX suspension trainers, DB, KB, bodyweight, strength bands and more.  Kids will need to bring a water bottle and sweat towel if they want one.  If they run out of water I always have more.

I have had some parents ask about their 11yr old kids and if your 11yr is excited to come then they are more then welcome to register and join in on the fun.

Registration will be open until all 10 spots are full. If you have any questions do not hesitate to click the CONTACT NOW button below and I look forward to training your kids this summer.

When you click the PAY NOW button you will be sent to our pricing page.  Scroll down until your see the Kids Fitness plan, click select and that will take you to our payment page.

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