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December is not an excuse

How many times have you made New Year's Resolutions in the past and never really followed through on them? I am willing to bet it's more often that you'd like to admit :) Don't worry the majority of people who make resolutions might start, but they never follow it through to the end. The reason why most people quit on their resolutions is because they never truly established the value and the level of importance of the resolution before they started.

For example, maybe your resolution is to get in the best shape of your life in 2020... sound like a familiar resolution? Of course it does because losing weight, getting in shape and improving health are the most popular resolutions of all time. So how do I know that getting in great shape isn't that important for most people (especially the ones who like to make it their resolution)? Simple, if getting in great shape and being healthy was truly, deeply important to you, you wouldn't wait till January 1st to start, you would START TODAY! And if it's not important enough for you to start today, I can guarantee that come January, it still won't be important enough for you to make a lasting, consistent change. I love all the excuses too, like it's going to be too hard to be healthy over the holidays because of all the parties and dinners. So what – it's not like you're attending parties and eating dirty comfort food every day at every meal in December. Enjoy your parties, indulge a bit here and there, and still go train and still eat well when you're not doing something festive, it's actually that simple.

So let's indulge in some math to prove that December is not an excuse to be healthy.

There are 31 days in December. Let's say you eat 3 meals a day on average for the month. That's 93 total meals for the month of December.

Now lets say that you have 15 (that's being generous) different holiday events to go to during December where you know you are going to be eating some not so good food. 15 bad meals out of 93 meals... that's only 17% of the total meals for the month.

That means that 83% of the time you have the opportunity to EAT CLEAN!

So the truth is, most people don't eat well in December, or any other month for that matter, because it's just not that important to them regardless of the holidays.

That's the straight facts, so now you can see it clearly, you actually can eat well for the majority of the time even in December during the holiday season!

But if you are truly, deeply wanting to make some changes for the new decade, want to accountability to stay focused and on track to develop new eating habits and fitness habits then my next 6 week get fit challenge starts Jan 13th. Just check out Valerie who lost 7" and 13lbs in the last challenge and is maintaining!!!

If you have any questions about the challenge simply message me back and I can get you all the details as space is limited for this program.

If being healthy is deeply important to you then I suggest you start right now, choose to eat something good in your next meal, go get a workout in, treat your body to some TLC starting right now!

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