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3 Simple Rules

So I have 3 principles or “rules” I try to live by.

Keep your mind open about these because they’ve never fail me 90% of the time (life isn't perfect!)

Here they are...

• Keep it super Simple and Basic

• TRUST the Process

• Give it 110%

Let’s dig a bit more into each of these...

#1 - Keep It Super Basic and Simple

It's about NOT chasing the overcomplicated, fancy, and complex crap that's out there.

Just go for what’s been proven to work.

Don’t overthink about it.

Just DO.

That’s how I design my training programs and nutrition too.

It's for those who are driven and eager to achieve more and are fueled by ACTION.

Because that’s how you get better.

That’s how you achieve results.

By continuous ACTION.

Not by sitting back ‘thinking’ about what to do.

The more simplified something is, the better chance YOU have for success.

#2 - Trust the PROCESS

If there’s one thing I know and have learned to accept, it’s that everything comes in time.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not this month, or maybe not even until next year...

BUT, when you stay focused and relentlessly committed on what you're trying to achieve, it'll move you ahead with such momentum you can't be stopped.

This is about trusting the PROCESS.

The PROCESS doesn't respond to laziness, excuses, or complaint.

The only way to get the PROCESS to work for you is to show you're willing to work for it.

That you’re willing to EARN IT.

Do the work.

The PROCESS will do the rest.

#3 - Give It 110%

One last thing about what I truly believe.

We're all made for more.

YOU and I, we were born for greatness.

However, I see people everyday who don’t even live up to HALF of what their actual potential is.

They don’t push themselves enough for change.

If you want serious change, you have to give it that extra 10%.

That’s the 'Give It 110%' mindset.

No, this isn’t about running yourself into the ground and “always grinding”...

There’s of course gotta be some give and take.

But, when you ‘give’, you gotta give it 110%.

Because if there’s anything worth doing, it’s worth doing RIGHT.

So might as well put your efforts ALL IN.

So when it comes to the BEST training program or nutrition program out there, the answer is the one YOU fully commit to and give your 110% effort with.

Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll aim higher and give it a bit more.

It might be a bit scary at times, but this is a must.

When you give it that extra 10%, you FORCE yourself to ascend to a higher place.

Physically and mentally...

It’s WORTH it.

Bringing It All Together = YOUR Transformation

For people who are willing to TRUST the process and are willing to give it that extra 10% for what they want it works.

Bottom line is, I want to fuel your drive, push you to achieve, and I want to give you my very best of what I got.

So if you have been sitting on the fence but are ready to commit then I am here to push you to achieve your goals. Just leave me a message.

Your coach.

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