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Your Success Blue Print

Fitness is a personal journey that takes us through several highs and lows.

Like most of us, we struggle with maintaining consistency in a fitness and nutrition regime. We start and stop many times, often feeling incapable of achieving the outcomes we desire.

It is a cycle that leaves us feeling frustrated and defeated.

However, when you discover the power of establishing you 'WHY' and implementing a few key steps that I show clients in my program and one on one training, it helps keep you on track and get you results.

Step 1 - Establishing Your 'WHY'

As tedious and possibly uncomfortable as it may be, began with a deep reflection of your 'WHY' – your core reason for seeking fitness. Why does fitness mattered to you, why do you want to achieve your goal?

Is it a desire to lead a healthier, more active life and to be there for your children as they grow up? Your powerful 'WHY' becomes your anchor, your source of motivation when times are tough.

Step 2 - Setting SMART Goals

Once you have your 'WHY,' work on setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) fitness/nutrition goals. Is your primary goal was to lose 20 pounds in 6 months? This example is a clear, measurable target giving you a roadmap and a sense of direction.

Step 3 - Designing a Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Plan

To reach your goals, you need a plan that is tailor for your goals, lifestyle and what you are willing to change right now to avoid feelings of frustration. A plan that offers structure, step-by-step instructions, and follow along workout videos if training online. Basically everything you need to take out the guesswork and helped you maintain consistency.

Step 4 - Prioritizing Consistency Over Intensity

Understand the value of regularity over intensity plays a significant role in progress. The all or nothing mindset will not move your forward, only leave you feeling frustrated. Consistency is different for everyone, so find what works for you, stick with it knowing that it can change as you go through your fitness journey.

Step 5 Emphasizing Nutrition

Acknowledging the essential role of nutrition on your fitness journey. At the beginning it will be progression over perfection but once you realize how simple a nutrition plan can be to follow it is the perfect complement to your workouts and overall transformation.

Step 6 Celebrating Small Wins

Every small victory on your journey needs to be celebrated, from doing an extra rep to resisting unhealthy food choices. This habit will help you stay motivated and appreciate the process.

Step 7 - Seeking Accountability

Accountability leads to an increase in motivation and consistency. Also having access to a community of people who are on the same fitness journey to share your goals, challenges, and victories with makes a world of difference. That is why everyone who joins the Lift Yourself LEAN program or works with me one on one gets access to this community because we are all in this together!

It's never too late to start a fitness program and stay consistent and that your 'WHY' can turn into a 'WOW' with the right mindset and support.

If you ever need guidance or assistance, I am here to help.

Here's to discovering your 'WHY' and transforming it into your 'WOW'!

And staying consistent with your health and fitness journey

So, whenever you’re ready... here are some ways I can help you be more consistent in your health, fitness and nutrition journey...

1. Join Positive Image Fitness classes Free for a 7 Day Trial – Click Here

Access to all the in person and live online classes plus the video library with 100's of workouts for all fitness levels with minimal equipment.

2. Get on a Personal Zoom Call with Me – Click Here

15 Minute Zoom call with me to discuss your goals, answer any questions you have on fitness, nutrition, habits, or recovery and the best way I can help you - my 6 week lift yourself lean program or one on one coaching

3. Join the lift yourself lean private FB community - Click Here

For added accountability, motivations and surrounding yourself with other upleveling their health and fitness


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