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What do your really want - like deep down really want?

One thing I HAD to learn and still am learning is before you, me or anyone can succeed on a fitness journey, is that without a REASON, you, me or anyone WON’T make any real substantial progress.

I believe that your purpose for becoming fit can change as you go through various life stages, but without a strong REASON for WHY you train and fuel your body with whole foods, your initial motivation will fade because there is no deeper reason to keep going when the going get tough. Just like you, I too fluctuate between days I am pretty motivated … and days where I say screw it.

Why? Because my/your REASON isn't coming from a strong enough source. Sure wanting to look good naked is great, or wanting to run after kids all day without burning out by 3pm is awesome too, but those are superficial reasons.

When I was in my high school and university years, I 100% trained to look a certain way, which honestly I never achieved until my mid-40's! As I had kids I trained to get my body back, feel strong to look after the little monkey's and not be dead on the couch by 4. Now I train to get better with age AND I don’t want anyone else to not realize what they’re actually capable of achieving in their health and fitness, and I want to inspire others to realize their true potential.’

And once you/I/we discover our reason(s) for getting fit, it now goes beyond just the physical - but it strengthens your mental resilience to push the boundaries and to inspire others

Because finding your reason is not just a goal, but also one of the biggest tools in your arsenal for conquering fear. And in case you didn't know, fear is THE biggest hurdle when it comes to accomplishing our goals.

So lets dive a bit deeper shall we...

Answer these questions and be extremely honest with yourself:

1. What are you most afraid of?

2. Do you fear failure? Do you fear success?

Do more.

1. Write an unlimited list of your own "reasons" for wanting to get fit and become stronger.

2. Narrow your reasons down to 3. (1 of the 3 should be physical or health-based). Once you’ve thought long and hard, write them on your bathroom mirror so they are the first and last thing you see during your day.

Remember: Don’t force it. Be honest with yourself and find your own reasons.

Move Your Body.

Now, devise a step-by-step plan to define your goal for your physical "reason" from above.

For example, if heart disease runs in your family, your Reason may be to have a healthy heart and lungs. As such, your smaller goal could be to run a half marathon.

You could take a step toward this goal by getting yourself a decent pair of running shoes and a program that will progressively build your aerobic baseline.

Set some steps and dates for starting and completing your goal, lock in your training, and stay consistent until you are ready to execute!

My next 6 week Get Fit program starts on Sept 20th. This program is a jump start, a launching pad to get you moving toward that physical reason to get healthier and more fit. You get a full meal plan, grocery lists, success manual, daily accountability emails, before/after pictures and measurements, access to the private FB group and unlimited access to all our online or in person workouts and the video library. As you go through the 6 weeks you will be able to get clearer on your reason to keep going past the 6 weeks and hone in on why it is important to you get get fit and stay fit.

If you want to join me in this 6 week program email me back to reserve your spot.

Fear less, Do More, Move your body!

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