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Peoples #1 objection - can you guess what it is?

I’ve been a coach for a long time.

Again and again, I hear the same objection to getting and staying fit.

“I’m busy.”

And people aren’t lying.

Between the ever-increasing demands of work, raising kids, trying to have great relationships, and staying in good shape, it’s really difficult to find time for everything.

My belief about busyness is this:

Being busy is not a problem as long as it’s the weather of your life.

Weather is something that comes and goes.

It might be rainy for an hour or two, but that eventually passes.

If the busyness of your life is like weather, then I think you’re ok.

You might be in a busy but that’s going to pass.

Where I get concerned is when busyness become the climate of your life: it’s the permanent temperature of where you’re living.

For these people, busyness isn’t a short-lived storm…

It’s the regular pattern that has no chance of going away.

Think for a second: is the busyness of your life more like weather– short lived and passing by– or like climate– here for the long run?

If it’s weather, ride it out. This will pass. And you’ll be back to where you were.

But if it’s the climate, we need to disrupt that cycle.

We need to get you some better habits and routines in yourself so that you don’t live in the constant climate of busyness.

Stay busy for too long, and it’s eventually going to burn you out.

Ready to move towards a pace of life that is more manageable and sustainable long term?

We can help.

Here's 3 ways:

1) Join my 6 week Get Fit program or 10-day Detox to get your mind and body back on track with consistent movement and nutrition habits.​ You can start these programs when you want or join as part of a group. The next 10-day detox group starts Dec 7th. The next 6-week program group starts Jan 23rd.

2) Join our in person or live online classes FREE for a week and test drive out what we have to offer to get your body strong​ and having you feeling more confident before the end of 2022

3) Book your complimentary success session and work with me one on one in person at my private studio or online. Let me guide your training so you can reach your goals faster whether it be at my studio, in your home or a program you take to the gym.

Life moves fast my friends, make it count!


Great article, sometimes we need to be reminded of what is top priority!! Mindful vs Mind Full..🙏 Thank you Cheryl. 😊

Cheryl Pattyn
Cheryl Pattyn
Nov 22, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Karen


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