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Have you heard of Aggressive Patience?

Aggressive patience (AP) is the key to success with your fitness goals.

Let me explain.

Getting in shape takes time.

It's one of the rare things these days that you can't microwave for faster results.

Yes - you can speed things up - but at some point the real key is to settle in and play the long game.

That being said - I highly encourage you to be aggressive when it comes to taking action.

This means being ruthless with hitting your behavioral goals each week.

Crush your step goal.

Nail the calories goals you have.

Don't miss your scheduled workouts.

Don't shy away from being a hustler when it comes to knocking out your daily habits and routines.

But - be mindful that results will take time.

Enjoy the thrill of nailing your targets each day and waking up with massive amounts of energy.

You WILL see results.

It's guaranteed to happen if you do the work.

Aggressive patience will serve you now and forever.

Life moves fast - make it count.


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