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Give me 10 reps

"If you can do it once, you might be able to do it ten times.

And if you do it ten times, it will become a skill and a practice. You’ll do it more naturally and more often. Sending a note, changing your mind, throwing a ball, offering a kind word, doing leg presses. Ten reps is a great place to begin." Seth Godin

The best time for you to start eating right, training consistently and doing mobility is today. Start with one rep! If you need help to eat a little better and be more active please hit reply and ask or join the last 6 week Get Fit program of the year starting Sept 19th HERE I am here to help!


Whenever you are ready, here are three ways we can help you.

1. Follow our Instagram page HERE We regularly post workout ideas and nutrition tips

2. Join our 6 week Get Fit Program – unlimited in person and online classes, meal plans, success manual, private FB group, grocery lists, daily accountability emails and can be done online or as a group Sept 19th, 2002. HERE

3. Nutrition programs – 3 curriculum based programs that you do at your own pace. The 6 week nutritional program, 10 day detox program and the 30 day plant based transformation program HERE


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