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Get Leaner (NOT FATTER) During The Holidays

We now have 48 days left in 2023.

The holidays are only a few weeks away.

Last time I checked, the average weight gained during this time of year is somewhere around 5 lbs.

That means that’s 5 pounds anyone (maybe YOU) will have to lose on top of the other weight they/you might want to lose once Jan 1st hits.

I don’t want that to be you.

Reason most let this happen is because it’s a busy time of the year.

I get it.

But, no one needs to give in to the busyness of the holidays.

It’s manageable when you have a solid plan.

And that’s what I wanted to share with you. But first, let’s look at how many days we have left.

48 days...

Now let’s think about the days we KNOW will be the craziest.

  • Thanksgiving (yep done that one already!)

  • Black Friday

  • Saturday after Black Friday

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • Day After Christmas (as an extra)

  • New Years Eve

  • New Years Day

  • 2 Extra Days just for a BONUS :-)

That’s 10 days that might be a bit off track.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS.

It won’t be just those 10 days that determine your success or failure.

It’ll be the other 38 days that make the most difference.

Afterall, it's YOUR overall CONSISTENCY that matters most.

When you dial in and dominate the 38 other days (starting with TODAY), that’s where you’ll WIN.

And when you do it right, the other 10 days will serve as nice REWARDS for your hard efforts.

This is where I can HELP YOU.

I have a holiday survival guide full of tactics and strategies I use to DOMINATE THE HOLIDAYS instead of let the holidays dominate me.

People have gotten LEANER or at the very least maintained while enjoying the holidays to the fullest and I'll share with you the tactics.

If you’d like to get access, here’s how…

Go Into The Lift Yourself LEAN Facebook Community where I go live to give you the strategies to not get softer or heavier this holiday season.

Learn about...

  • common holiday conundrums and how to solve them

  • power of portion control

  • how to focus on life outside the party

  • travel or at home workouts if you cannot make it to your gym or group classes

  • holiday recipes

See you in the group!


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