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Did you hear the news???

I am super excited to announce to you all that an idea I had over a year ago has finally come to life. I had wanted to start a podcast over a year ago and wanted to co-host it with a friend that I recently reconnect with. We come from the same fitness background but have 2 different perspectives on life.

Meaghan is a single mom to 3 girls, was a fitness competitor, helps clients online with meal prepping and training, homeschools and manages to keep it all together, most days :)

I too am a mom to 3 kids but 2 are adulting and 1 teenager, getting back into fitness competitions, help clients online and in person with getting back into shape and learning how to eat more whole foods and manage to keep it all together most days :)

The name of the podcast is BEYOND LIFE AND FITNESS and we called it that because we want to talk about than just fitness and nutrition. Our goal is show you what we do with the other hours of the day when we are not training, making meals or working with clients. Because its in those hours that we create the healthy lifestyle we live and we want to help you live and create your best lifestyle too.

Together we have over 30 years combined experience and we cannot wait into some interesting topics.

There are 3 episodes out now - our meet your podcast hosts, meal prepping for nutritional success and how to tame your inner critic. Our goal is to post a new episode every Friday but I already know we are skipping good Friday and will be back on April 22nd with an episode on perspectives.

You can find us on Apple podcasts, Spotify and google podcast or use this link to access our podcast website and listen from there. We are always open topic suggestions and if you like the podcast then be sure to share it with your friends.

Have an amazing rest of you day and happy listening :)


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