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Don't Do This!!

One of the biggest killers of progress I’ve seen is comparison.

At first glance, you might think this is a motivator...and maybe it can be in some ways.

But eventually, it always results in frustration.


Because you’re comparing yourself with what someone else shows to the world.

Their highlight reel.

But you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes.

You’re basically trying to imitate someone else without getting to see behind the curtain and know how they’re actually doing or even what they’re doing.

What you should be doing instead is getting to, "know, trust, and accept yourself," carving out your own path and making your own way!

Only when you commit to playing to your strengths, doing things your own way and competing against myself to make things better did you grow personally and professionally.

Learn from others where you can, but to compare yourself only to where you were yesterday - that’s the route to the greatest self-progress and most enjoyed journey.

Again...only compare one place on YOUR journey to another place in time - NOT SOMEONE ELSES.

Sure, not falling into the comparison trap may be challenging at times.. I see it with my clients comparing themselves to others as well and I am no exception.

But I tell them to ignore those airbrushed magazine covers and what they see on IG and focus on making today better than yesterday...on their own progress.

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