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Keeping on Track with your nutrition

I will be the first to omit that I am a habitual snacker and it drives my training coach crazy. It is something I continually have to work on because its not as if I am not eating enough food each day to have to snack in-between meals.

So I thought I would post some ideas on how to overcome this habit if you too like to over snack, or cannot seem to get back on the wagon once you have fallen off.

Everyone wants to know what is the best "diet" to lose fat, build muscle and have the body of a god or goddess. However, the question I never seem to get asked, which is the most important question for getting into incredible shape and becoming healthy, is "how do I STICK to a nutrition plan?" There are many diets that work, in fact almost all of them work to some extent. The problem with most diets is that you have to actually follow them if you want results :) Crazy right? The truth is, most diets don't work because the person following them never sticks to them long enough to get a result. If you want to start eating better for your body, your mind and overall wellbeing, you need to get some help with how to be consistent with your eating before you get so caught up in the type of what nutrition plan you think you need to follow. So, here are 3 huge keys to nutrition compliance success that have worked for our clients and members and can work for you too! 3 Keys to Nutrition Compliance Success 1. Coaching! Coaching is the most important factor for improving your nutrition and actually sticking with it. Coaching creates accountability, and even more important, it helps create awareness of your common behaviours and barriers. When we coach people, we help them to see and understand why they have failed in the past and what mindset is necessary to push through and rise to the occasion of becoming the best version of themselves. Without coaching, all you have is a piece of paper with some food on it, and trust me, that's not going to get you the results you want. 2. Meal Prep How many times have we said this, failing to plan is planning to fail. If you don't spend some time organizing and planning your meals you will fail. Especially when you are first getting started, because at that point you will be tempted by every little thing that pulls you off the right track. You don't have to do hours of meal prep every Sunday and Wednesday like a food factory, it doesn't have to be that daunting. When we make meals at home we always make enough to have leftovers for the following day or two – it's that simple. And if your life is so busy that you don't have time to prep meals then get a meal service, they are everywhere now and they are really quite affordable (just make sure they have high standards for food quality). 3. Keeping Track The third key factor to success is to keep track by making lists and of what are going to eat and what you have actually eaten. Most people just want to keep track of their weight on the scale and when they don't see it going every hour then they default to the plan is not working annnnndddd they quite! I suggest you only weigh yourself one to two times per week, that's it! Instead of keeping track of your weight, keep track of your progress by documenting everything you eat and drink. It's a great way to build momentum and to look at those notes and really see what you are doing day-to-day, it will also help you to build confidence from all the positive work you have done. Those are three of our top keys to nutrition compliance success that we emphasis with everyone who we have the pleasure of working with – give them a try and remember we are here to help! You are the result of all the small things you do consistently, so start making simple, small choices in the right direction day-after-day and magically you will get the results you're after. We are here to help you so tell us what your goals are, what you’re struggling with, and how we can help you.

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