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Your weight will fluctuate!

I chatted about this last week on my Instagram stories but wanted to share it here too incase you missed it.

Your weight will fluctuate day to day, hour to hour! If you weigh yourself 2-3 times/day you might feel like what's the point sometimes. But scale weight is SLOW data and I recommend weighing yourself NO MORE than 1x/week.

Here are a few reasons why your weight will fluctuate day to day even hour to hour...

-Your carb intake

-Your sodium intake

-Your exercise

-Your hydration

-The time of the month

-Your alcohol intake

-Time of weighing

-Time of last meal

-Time of last poop

Try not to sweat it!

Use your weight as DATA to learn about & trust your body. There’s always a scientific reason for the fluctuations because weight loss & gain aren’t magical.

Pay attention to how you feel after eating...are your bloated with low energy or feel good to go! Use this data in conjunction with the scale to learn about what foods are best for you daily vs every once in a while and this is how the 6 week Get Fit program works which is starting Sept 19th if you are interested in learning more about how your body works.

Stayed tuned to my socials for more details next week!!

HERE is my Instagram page @positiveimagefitessco

HERE is my FB page @positiveimagefitness

I cannot wait to see you on my socials.


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