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YOU are an Athlete

I had this thought at the crack of stupid one morning and had to write it down and share. We are ALL athletes regardless if you have played a sport or not. Let me explain...

Everyday is a training day whether you are a student, parent, career driven person or living life in retirement. Everyday is a test of our mental and physical skills in life.

As a student you are in training for what life still has to offer you. You are an athlete training your mind and body to be resilient, strong and confident for what has yet to come. The more you train, the better a "life" athlete you will be come. You will be more equip to get back up when life throws you down, you will be able to brush it off faster and move on vs staying down with a "poor me" outlook.

As a stay at home parent, you are an athlete training your body to be strong for your kids and your mind to be patient. To set an example for what a strong, healthy mind and body look like and to get through your day with energy left at the end.

As a career driven person you are an athlete training your body mind to handle the stress of the day, to push past the road blocks and be creative in solving problems because this is what you do in the gym. You are able to be more focused, sleep well and tackle each new day as a new game day.

As a retiree, you are an athlete training your body to move and feel good as you enjoy the fruits of your labour travelling, playing with grandkids and being independent. Your mind and body are sharp from the focus you put in, in the gym and you are confident in your abilities to live each day to the fullest.

Being an athlete of life is what I train my clients to be. A person that can face adversity at work or home because they have learned to challenge their mind and body in the gym. A person that is more resilient in their health and isn't fearful of the next cold and flu season. A person that is confident in their strength when carrying in bags of groceries, getting off the toilet, getting in and out of a car or bed and enjoying their hobbies.

If you think you are not an athlete, I want to you think again. Think back on what you have asked your body to do for you over the years. You are an athlete and it is never to late to become a better.

I am taking on 3 online training clients if you are ready to become a better life athlete. We will work together toward your personal goal. If you want more information on my online training just reply back to this message and lets make you a better life athlete!


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