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What do you fill your life with?

Question...Do you want an awesome life?

Answer... Fill it with awesome people!

I am keeping it super short and simple for you today, and it may seem like I am telling you the obvious but I wanted to make sure you are filling your life with those that will help you move toward your ideal life - however that may look and feel for you.

If you hang out with lazy, negative, close minded humans odds are that is what you will become.

If you hang around motivated, positive, open minded humans odds are you will become that.

Want to be healthy and fit?

Hang around healthy fit people.

Want to be wealthy?

Hang around financially successful people.

Most financially successful people don't hang around over spenders who are broke.

Just like most healthy fitness minded folks don't hang around unhealthy minded people.

You can't change people around you but you CAN CHANGE THE PEOPLE you surround yourself with.

Til next week!


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