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Not a Real Blog Post, Post

Yep, you read it right, this is not a real blog post but a PSA on not being able to access my blog posts vs the email link or app.

So I have your solution!!

You need to update the Fit By Wix app in your app store.

Simply go to your app store, search Fit By Wix and you will see an upgrade button - click it and you will be good to go.

As for clicking on the email link - that issue should be solved as well. Technology is great when it works my friends.

Now I cannot leave you without some words of wisdom, so here I go...

If you need to get back on track today - here's what I suggest you do:

-Plan out your workouts for the week

-Go for a walk

-Drink 1 gallon of water

-Plan out your food for the week.

Getting your workouts and food planned out on paper (or on your phone) does wonders to get you mentally dialed in.

A walk and more water makes you feel good which leads to you wanting to do more.

Give this a shot.

As summer vacations are getting planned or weekends away, planning ahead is KEY to maintaining and keeping your head in the game. Yes you can have a drink, maybe some ice-cream or fries, but balancing that out with lots of water, moving your body that day and starting your day off with a high protein meal will keep you in check.

Have an amazing week my friends


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