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Its time to embrace what you live in every day!

This blog post was written by Jeremy Scott over at Jeremy Scott fitness and it really resonated with me and I had to share. I think everyone goes through times where they wish something was different/better about their bodies. We have all played the comparison game as some point in time in our lives, but the kicker is HOW LONG you stay in that game.

I have been that game for longer than I would like to admit, and I still dip my toe in it from time to time, but I having gotten better in the past 3-4 years. I do think that being a fitness coach and feeling that there is a certain "look" trainers should have plays a role, but that is a mind game that I have created and it is a work in progress to re-work that story.

I hope you get something out of this post today and if you did drop me a comment below as I would love to hear your story too.

Your body…..

That thing you get to wake up in everyday…..

That beautiful, strong, powerful, high functioning machine you travel through life in.

Your body is an amazing thing whether you realize it our not.

Your body is meant to be cared for, loved, appreciated and cherished for the precious gift that it is.

However in society and the world we live in today with social media, television, magazines, and the constant flood of body images we become conflicted with our body and our idea of what it should be.

We often times over analyze, obsess and even become depressed about how our body looks, and is perceived by the people around us.

Are we too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, do we weigh enough or too much, do we have abs, are we the right dress size, is our butt too big or too small …..

The perception of what an ideal body is has been created around unrealistic ideals and metrics by which we judge others and ourselves.

Many of us develop an attachment disorders or even a body dysmorphia about our external image and what we see in the mirror. Often times we are driven to greedily obsessing about looking like a certain movie star or celebrity – saying things like “I wish I had abs like him” or “I would love to have her butt or her legs”

It’s this endless comparison that can lead to rejection of our own beautiful self.

We being to negatively view and talk about our bodies to ourselves. We start looking in the mirror saying things like….

“I am not pretty enough” “I am not lean enough” “I am not muscular enough” “I am too big” “I am looking old”….

We find the things we are unhappy with in our bodies and we stand in front of the mirror focusing on these “trouble spots” staring at them, putting them under a microscope analyzing every inch, line, and blemish we can see.

Be honest with yourself……we have all done this and nothing good ever comes from this insane practice. Standing in front of the mirror naked to the world looking at our stomach, our butt, our legs, our chest, our arms –and being over critical of our body feeding our own heads with nothing but negative ideas and thoughts.

What I can tell you today with 100% certainty is…. there is no final destination on the road to loving your body inside and out.

It’s an endless journey from womb to tomb and somewhere along the way you must stop, enjoy, appreciate and love your body for what it is.

We can always work on things we wish to change, so if having ripped abs or a perfect butt are important to you go ahead and grind for them by eating right and moving your body with purpose daily, – appreciating and loving the journey and process to those things.

You can’t go through your whole life comparing your daily image and progress to others peoples highlight reels…

Body comparison is a cancer…… it can kill happiness and rob us of our uniqueness. It’s these comparisons to others that make use think, act, and even do stupid foolish things. It creates a horrible image of how we see ourselves, which builds an internal tension in how we see our bodies.

Don’t under appreciate and underestimate the power, beauty, and strength of your own body. It’s our differences that make us all truly unique and special.

When you wake up tomorrow promise me this….

You will stop comparing yourself to the world.

You will stop putting yourself down.

You will start saying something positive to yourself.

You will start being confident in your body.

You will not spend another second wishing to look like someone else.

You will understand have far more strengths than you do weaknesses.

When you accept this journey is yours and yours alone only then will you truly be happy and successful in loving your body and ultimately loving yourself in the process.

Embrace and love your body its the most amazing possession you will ever own.

Love your body – Love your Life.


Thank you for sharing this. I really needed this right now through this journey. I am so guilty of many of those negative actions. I appreciate @Duncan417 sharing thoughts as well.


Great article, thanks for sharing Cheryl!! I can truly relate…It takes practice to reframe our thoughts and perspective on living a healthy lifestyle. An “aha” moment for me was when you asked “what is your why” while participating in one of your 6 week challenges? I have experienced health issues in the past, I know what it’s like to feel “why” is to continue doing everything I can to feel healthy. Some days are tougher than others..I know longer say I have to go to the gym, I have to follow a certain plan, etc. I’ve reframed my thoughts, how fortunate am I to be able to go to the gym and work out, surrounded by likeminded people, try new …


Oct 05, 2021

Thank you for this and I totally agree! 😊


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