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I am super excited to share this with you!

I have talked in the past about how hard it can be to move past the fear of failure and that this fear is what gets in the way of our body goals or any life goal for that matter.

In case you are not on my socials I wanted to share the new program with you all here on the blog.

No one can know the future - it is up to us to build it the best we can despite our fears.

This program is designed specifically to:

• Push your mental and physical boundaries beyond what you think you're capable of

• Reveal more of your true self with every rep, jump, and drip of sweat

• Welcome change into your life

• Accept and face fear as it arises

• See the unknown as opportunity

• Let go of the illusion of control

Become stronger and leaner in the process

Because on October 18, I’m launching my NEW 4-Week HIIT 30 Program. One that helps you finally step toward your goals both physically and mentally.

Your weekly HIIT 30 training will contain 2 days of programmed strength and conditioning workouts to focus on growing muscle and building strength., 2 HIIT or metabolic conditioning workouts, 1 active rest rest and 2 full recovery days.

Your nutrition is based on a 40% protein, 30% carb and 30% fat macro split and you will be apart of a private group for accountability, support and questions.

The HIIT 30 program is more than just another fitness program: it's an endless, day-to-day opportunity that grows with you to always be a challenge.

This program can be done in a home gym or commercial gym, but wherever you are, it will help you move into the unknown fearlessly … and learn what you’re truly capable of.

No more excuses. It’s up to you to turn potential into a living body of work.

For more details on this program or to register click the link below and Ill see you in the HIIT 30 group!


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