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HIIT 30 Program

I am super excited for this 30 day program with the option to do another 4 weeks at the end if you choose.


This is a self guided AT HOME or GYM program designed to dial in your nutrition with macro counting and to put on some lean muscle for rounder glutes, shapely shoulders, tighter abs and leaner legs.


This is NOT a weight loss program. This is a GET ME STRONGER AND LEANER program.

Now you might be thinking, can I really get stronger in 4 weeks?  Yes you can if you put in the work AND if you decide to do an additional 4 weeks you will only be that much more knowledgeable in the exercises making you that much better at doing them allowing yourself to push those limits a bit more.


You MUST to have access to:

multiple Dumbbell's

adjustable workout bench

yoga mat

treadmill or rower

mini bands




Barbell with multiple weight plates

Slam Ball

Pull up bar or TRX


Skipping rope


This program has you doing 2 days of HIIT style metabolic conditioning for your cardio and 2 days of strength training to get you stronger. You will have the option to do 1 day of going for a walk/hike, bike ride or yoga as an active rest day, taking 2 full days off for rest and recovery.

Your nutrition is all done with macro counting starting with a macro split of 40% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30%fat.  If you are new to macro counting do not worry we have your back.  You will be using MyFitnessPal to track your macros which can be synced with the Trainerize app that will be guiding you through your HIIT 30 program.  This will take some time to learn if you are new to macro counting, so be gracious with yourself and remember we are here to help you in the private HIIT 30 group.

With the program you get a SUCCESS MANUAL that shows you how to determine your daily calories you should be eating.   Once you know your calories for the day, you can determine your 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat macros for the day.  If you get hung up on these calculations, let us know and we will double check your math :)  Once you know how much protein, carbs and fats you will eat in a day, it is a matter of inputting your food into MyFitnessPal to help you keep track and make sure you are not over or undereating with your protein, carbs and fats.


Cost is $97 plus hst. and if you decide to continue on for another 4 weeks you only pay $47 plus hst. for another 4 weeks!

Click below to buy NOW or contact us if you have questions about this program and if it is right for you.

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