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Habits = Your Future

YOUR HABITS WILL DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE...and that goes for any area of your life. I don't promote a ton on my blog but when an opportunity comes up I want you all to know about it. I want to give you as much information as I can on how to live your must strong, resilient life so you can then take that information and apply it.

But... Registration is Open for my 6 week Get Fit Program. We start Sept 19th (emails start Sept 17th so you are ready to rock for the 19th!) and I am super pumped for season 14 of the 6 week Get Fit Program.

Here's what you all get...

*success manual full of tips and tricks to make you successful during the 6 weeks

*flexible meal plans and grocery lists

*unlimited access to all the in person classes, live online classes AND the video library for all your training needs.

*access to our private FB group for even more motivation

*daily motivational emails to help keep you on track

*before/after pictures and measurements so you can SEE the difference 6 weeks can make on your health.

AND new for season 14 will be MORE tips on creating habits that will STICK long term. There is nothing worse then taking the time and energy to change habits that no longer serve you to only have them creep back in and reverse all the work you did to change them.

So if you are ready to flip the switch, change habits and feel better from the inside out then use the link below to register NOW as space is limited for this program and registration CLOSES Sept 16th!!!

PS...If you have done the 6 week Get Fit Program in the past, then message me for your discount code at check out and you must use this link to register whether you are new to the program, a veteran or a current member of Positive Image Fitness. If you don't use the link to register you will miss out on all your emails!

If you have any questions about this program or if this program is right for you, then leave me a comment or send me an email back.

See you in the program!


Whenever you are ready, here are three ways we can help you.

1. Follow our Instagram page HERE We regularly post workout ideas and nutrition tips

2. Join our 6 week Get Fit Program – unlimited in person and online classes, meal plans, success manual, private FB group, grocery lists, daily accountability emails and can be done online or as a group Sept 19th, 2002. HERE

3. Nutrition programs – 3 curriculum based programs that you do at your own pace. The 6 week nutritional program, 10 day detox program and the 30 day plant based transformation program HERE


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