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Are you a self sabotager?

You may already know this about yourself or not, but what if I told you that you are likely engaging in daily habits that are sabotaging your fitness or body goal efforts? You'd want to correct them, right? Well, here are 4 things you do everyday that may be preventing you from losing weight:


You may think you are saving calories but eating within two hours of waking is pretty important for weight loss. Don't let the fact that you don't feel hungry stop you from eating. Eating a protein packed breakfast will get your metabolism revving and keep you feeling full until lunch time. Don't like food in the am, opt for a protein shake or smoothie. They are quick, easy and will set your day up for success.


Sure, on the surface, cardio burns more calories than lifting weights but there is a bigger picture to consider here. If you are only doing cardio, and the same cardio, day in and day out, your body will adapt and you will plateau. Your workout may have been a calorie buster in the beginning but it will become less so over time if you don't mix things up.

It is also important to remember that muscle burns more calories than fat so pumping some iron is actually the key to unlocking your weight loss!


Yes, you ate really well today. But only if you don't think about the late night snacks or that chocolate bar you had after lunch at work. In fact, research has found that the majority of North Americans grossly underestimate the number of calories they are consuming. A chocolate bar or treat can have as many calories as a full meal, plus is chock full of trans fat, sugar and sodium that you know makes you feel sluggish and bloated.

Maybe you don't know how many calories are in your food or you are forgetting to include your snacking habits. Whatever the reason, it is clear that not being honest with your intake can stand in your way. Try downloading the MyFitnessPal app to see how much you should be eating. You may not want to know how many calories you are actually eating but it will help you in the long run. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.


Drinking any beverage that isn't water can be a big misstep in your weight loss efforts. Sodas and energy drinks are full of calories and offer very little in the way of nutrition. Juices are ok, but they contain a lot of sugar. Diet sodas may be low in calories but are full of chemicals that can actually lead to weight gain! Oh, and those 2 glasses of wine a night? Try having those only on Friday, and see what that does to your waistline, mood and sleep.

If water isn't your thing, add some lemon or a sprig of mint. Herbal tea is also a good choice for staying hydrated.


Showing up every day and working your body is the key to sustainable weight loss and fitness. We've given you some tips here, but by far the most effective way we have found to maintain a healthy, strong, lean physique is resistance training with some HIIT training!

I am finishing off 2021 with the 10 day detox program starting on November 15th AND I will be doing a FB live in the Positive Image Fitness FB page on Friday Nov 12th at 12 noon to teach you what to expect during the 10 day and after the program is done!

If you are done with how 2021 treated your body, your digestion, your sleep, the moods, then join me live on Friday Nov 12th at 12 noon the Positive Image Fitness FB page and get all your questions answered on how you can finish 2021 feeling energetic, not bloated, and better rested.


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