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Happy Halloween

What are your plans for Halloween?

Are going to the bars or to a party?

Trick or treating with your little ones?

Or will you stay home and hand out candy to the wee monsters in your neighbourhood?

No matter your plans,it can be difficult to avoid the plethora of delicious treats that surround us this time of year.

You may start out saying you'll have one 'fun size' Snickers bar only to find yourself neck deep in a pillow case sized bag of delights.

Despite the fact the sugar high is making you vibrate, you may still be able to convince yourself that your binge isn't so terrible, they are small candies, after all. But they add up.

To put these spooky treats into perspective, Elite Daily created the following pictures to show you how much exercise you would have to do to burn them off. It is more than you think. (Number of calories burned is based on a 125 pound female body).

So unless you plan to spend the ENTIRE month of November at the gym, you might want to reconsider your candy binge!

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