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Simply life and stop multi-tasking

I have the pleasure of working with a lot of clients over the years, young, old, athletes and everything inbetween. In the last 5-8 years, I have definitely seen a change in kids, young adults and adults alike. The biggest difference I see is the challenge they have to focus on just one thing at time. Even though we are grateful for many of the amazing technological advancements in this day and age, we also need to recognize the cost that comes with them. With cell phones that are now mini computers, social media, online shopping, and instant access to virtually any piece of information, song, photo or movie you can think of at the tip of your finger, our ability (adults and kids) to focus is becoming worse and worse. I don't believe in the concept of multi-tasking and yet it's "practiced" by pretty much every one on a daily basis (I am totally guilty of this as I am eating and typing at the same time, plus I have a load of laundry going!) In reality I don't believe that people can focus, I mean truly focus, on more than one thing at a time and when they try to, it negatively effects the quality of everything they do. For example, you might be able to quickly shift back and fourth between driving, texting, eating, etc but in truth none of those things are getting done well at that point and so our ability to focus on one task and get it done with precision and pride is fading away! My suggestion to everyone out there who stresses about ALL THE THINGS they have on their plate to do is to stop thinking about everything and simplify. Instead of looking at everything, pick one thing, the most important thing, and PUT YOUR HEAD DOWN and focus on it until it is done – and done well! Once you are done that task in full, then you shift to the next thing. It doesn't make sense to lift weight and eat food at the same time so stop trying to do everything at once! Train with a purpose and focus. Once that is done, enjoy some delicious high-quality food (and not always in front of the TV or computer screen either). When you're working on a project, tune out all distractions and give it your full attention. Spending time with important people in your life? Give them your full attention and be present! Simplify your life by using this head down focus approach and I promise you your stress levels will go down.

Remember we are here to help you so tell us what your goals are, what you’re struggling with, and how we can help you dramatically!

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