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Do you believe?

Today, I only want to talk about how to FORGE a Powerful Mind.

What I've learned is people who “WIN” and find consistent success tend to have a strong sense of mental toughness and self-confidence

They also have a solid sense confidence in whatever they do as well.

They just BELIEVE.

But I’m pretty certain that most the people with a “strong mind” and a heavy amount of confidence didn’t start out that way.

I’m sure just like you and I, they had their doubts.

They had their fair share of failure.

And they had the common fears.

It’s sad to see the people that have weak minds.

Their self-confidence levels are pretty much non-existent.

Whether they tried to do something and failed or were just straight up told they couldn’t do something, it transfers over to how they pursue things in life.

There is a way to FORGE a stronger mind.

This is important.

Think about it for a second.

What if you could have a stronger mind that would transfer over to having more confidence that would allow you to CRUSH life instead of “just get by”?

What if there was no way to fall short of your goals or ultimately FAIL?

Imagine the possibilities.

When you start thinking like that, the skies the limit for you.

So you want to know one of the major “keys” to Forging A Stronger Mind?

Tiny Success’ = BIG Success’

You’ll never SUCCEED big unless you succeed little by little first.

In other words, it takes time.

Training for example…

Let’s say you want to hit 20 strict pull ups, but right now you’re stuck at only 5 or worse, you can’t even do one.

Instead of beating yourself up and quitting, you stay at it.

You do what needs to be done every day.

You COMMIT to the process and get just 1 rep better at a time.

If you’re at 5 reps, after a while, you’re hitting 6, 7, 8, 10, 12… 17 Pull Ups in a row unbroken.

Or, if you’re not able to do just 1 rep yet, imagine how damn awesome it’s going to be once you hit that first rep?

Small Success’ on your way to that BIG SUCCESS.

Get me?

Training, nutrition, LIFE…

It all works the same.

We win small day by day to WIN BIG overall.

You quit, you LOSE.

So take some of these with you…

***Ramp up your Intensity by a small bit over time - Remember you’re not going to be hitting 5 pull ups today then 20 tomorrow - go up a little at a time for SMALL success’

***Find support via a Coach or group of like-minded people to keep you on track and accountable (I know of a few...)

***TRACK your Success’ so you can look back at where you came from for satisfaction and GRATITUDE instead of always looking ahead and never being ‘satisfied’

***Pick only a few Major Goals to put MOST of your focus in on at a time - you overload it and you’ll be too spread out to make any ground

Take note that you’re NOT going to set a Personal Record in every session.

Success will come in bursts.

There will be some failure in there, but again, that’s where you LEARN and your FORGE yourself into a stronger person all around.

So keep winning SMALL to WIN BIG.

And do this quick little exercise…

Look back to the past 3-4 weeks and list out ALL of the “tiny success’” you can think of.

That will give you some BIG confidence and motivation to push ahead.

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