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10 Foods for Stress

Well to say there is no shortage of stress would be an understatement at this moment in time in Ontario. Shut down #3 got extended another 2 weeks taking us to the May long weekend which guaranteed the government will shut down. Then the provincial will government will have to figure out what to do about Father's day, Canada Day, August civic long weekend, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So if the pressure of the last 13 months has you on your knees and medicating yourself with food, then let me help a wee bit.

One of the most common consequences of stress is increased food cravings & those cravings tend to be for sweet foods. However, the more sweet foods we eat, the worse our mood tends to get. It’s a vicious cycle.

Here are 10 foods that will actually decrease cortisol levels & assist you in maintaining your homeostasis or possibly reducing some body fat…

Try to include these foods in your daily diet whether you’re stressed or not – it will make it easier to lose some fat as well as make you feel energized while improving your overall health. 1. Asparagus 2. Avocados 3. Blueberries 4. Nuts 5. Chamomile tea 6. Garlic 7. Fish & seafoods 8. Grass fed beef 9. Green tea 10. CHOCOLATE (1oz/day max!)

So consider a multi pronged approach to managing your stress. Improve the quality of your diet, carve out some quiet time just for you – even if it’s only 5 minutes to yourself.

And of course, exercise is an essential part of that equation!

If you need any help or have any questions do not hesitate to reach out. I am here to help you get through this stronger.


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