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What stops you from starting?

Not to be bold, but I have truly designed the Get Fit Program to give you the thing that makes new habits “stick.”

Because let’s face it: any one of us can join program after program, get decent results … and then slide back into our old habits a few weeks or months later which is not the point of joining a program. And this habit of starting and stopping only feeds into your negative mindset that you are not good enough to make permanent changes in your life.

And, as most of us already know, this is ultra-common when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, agreed! Less than 10% of people who start a New Year goal actually see it through to the end of the year.

In the Get Fit Program 3.0, we start to ask yourself the necessary questions of what is stopping us from making the firm decision to change and to become everything we’ve always wanted and deserve to be.

We started this challenge because we understand, and we want to help you finally become the New You.

This is why in addition to transformative workouts, you’ll be getting mindset homework on habit releasing and formation, so you can form the habits that will get you lifelong results!

Right now, you probably have a foundation of habits that are limiting your progress vs setting you up for success.

Regardless of what those are, in the Get Fit Program we stress the importance of learning what these limiting habits are and accepting them, so you can finally begin to shift them.

You’ve probably heard this said in one way or another. but your habits are who you are. The things you do again and again shape you, and they shape your life.

In this program, we want to form new habits that support the New You - the person you’ve always wanted to be.

The Get Fit program includes:

  • 6 weeks of meal plans and grocery lists

  • Unlimited access to all in person classes, live online classes and the video library

  • The live online classes require minimal equipment (dumbbells, yoga mat, KB if you have them)

  • Daily accountability emails and/or videos that tackle habits, mindset and motivation

  • Train anywhere with our video library

  • Comprehensive success manual

  • Access to our private program group

  • Options at the end of the program to continue on with us to keep your new found habits and mindset strong

We truly can’t wait to help you make this year the year you become everything you’ve always wanted to be. It might feel daunting to take the first step, or to truly face the things holding you back, but we assure you: having the courage to do this is one of the only things that can radically change your entire life.

Click this link for more information or to register, WE START MONDAY JAN 10th.


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