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What makes you feel most like yourself?

Recently I was asked, how I found my confidence as a trainer and entrepreneur. I think people often SEE what I’m doing but don’t hear enough about the journey I went on to get to where I am today.

CONFIDENCE…. I want to dig into this a bit because, honestly, it's something I struggle with on a daily basis…

As a young, incredibly shy and insecure trainer started out in the world, I developed bit of an alter ego to help me come out of my shell, and I still rely on it on those days I just don't want to people or getting ready to hit the stage in a fitness competition.

Truth -- I have disliked myself for the majority of my life. There were very few things about who I was that I felt confident in (or even liked for that matter). And it wasn’t until I started really getting uncomfortable and pushing myself in areas I was not strong in personally and professionally that things started to shift for me.

But stepping into my weaknesses has helped me find myself…

I have to come to realize that I am a bit of an information junkie, and that I need more and more information, workshops, webinars, certifications, mastermind groups in order to feel “smart enough” to be a trainer. Not that continuing education isn't important, it is, but not when it holds you back from moving forward.

I had/have lived my life constantly searching OUTSIDE of myself for validation… But no EXTERNAL validation could ever fill my INTERNAL void.



I thought about everything that made me happy, the things I believed I was good at and the things that made me happy. And I PLACED VALUE in them.

One of those things is coaching. I absolutely LOVE it. When I took away the pressure of having to be the “smartest,” I realized that my gift was actually being a really creative and supportive coach. I am everyone’s number one cheerleader.

I continue to built my career with that part of me as the center focus. I light up any time I get to be someone’s number one fan and watch them grow as a person in front of me.

So here’s the thing I know for sure…

If you lack confidence, if you are struggling to figure out who you are, remember that we ALL are. None of us have it figured out, I still struggle with my confidence. But I am closely connected to the things that make me happy and make me feel most like myself (movement and coaching) and I do them often to remind me who I am and to bring out the best version of myself.

So what are those things for you? What brings you the most happiness? What makes you feel most like yourself?

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