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My digestion was so bad....

It was about 2 years ago when I had to figure out what was going on with my digestion. I could drink water and bloat up like a blow fish - not good.


It’s estimated that gut health is responsible for 80% of your body’s immunity, and when the integrity of your gut wall is jeopardized, you’re more likely to have an immune response to foreign toxins, poisons, and even fecal matter entering your bloodstream and system via your gut!


Your immune system response is inflammation (bloating, joint pain, chronic injuries) and it becomes chronic and systemic if your gut health is continually out of whack due to a number of reasons. For me it was the food I was eating!

Having great Gut Health is superpower.

And I want you to learn how to have a great GUT in a free masterclass happening Feb 1 at 7pm on ZOOM with Susan Faloon. Susan is a functional Diagnostic Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Primal Health coach and Life coach and owner of Purpose Functional Health and Life Coaching.

Susan is going to teach YOU about gut function, leaky gut and how to get and keep your gut healthy for optimal health. To access this masterclass, grab the zoom link in my private FB group... Lift Yourself LEAN .

And if you cannot join us live on Feb 1 at 7pm, then the recording will be posted in the private FB group too.

Trust me when I say a healthy gut is priceless... get on the inside for better digestion, more energy, focus and clarity, a stronger immune system, better workout recovery and aging!

See you on the inside


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