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Don't knock that "Fresh Start" Feeling

You have probably heard that most new year resolutions are abandoned my Mid-Feb, but a more recent study showed that when it comes to using the power of a significant date, like the first of a ✨shiny new year✨, resolutions are more apt to stick!

For example, a 2002 study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology compared people who made New Year’s resolutions with those who didn’t.  The resolution-makers had considerably higher rates of success with their goal than non-resolvers: At six months, 46 percent of the resolvers were sticking to their resolution, compared to 4 percent of the non-resolvers

(Takeaway: You’re probably better off making a resolution than not.)

Basically don’t knock that “fresh start” feeling.

Landmarks—like January 1, birthdays, or the first day of spring or school, can help create a psychological line between your “old self,” and your “new self.”

In your mind, your “old self” (glued to the couch) expires December 31. The new self (who workouts!) begins January 1.

Of course, there’s no magical or instant transformation that happens the moment a new calendar day starts (as we all know :))

But the human mind is a funny thing, and this mental separation can allow us to let go our past “failures,” and believe that a better way forward is possible.

That belief is KEY for behavior change (so it is worth embracing) to make those health changes you have been wanting for awhile.

Here are a few more tips to make new habits stick any time of the year...

🧩 Start small. 

Often, smaller habits are easier to ingrain than bigger ones. 

Consider the difference between drinking more water and starting an exercise routine. 

With the water habit, you just have to pour yourself a glass of water a few more times a day. 

With the gym habit, you have to block time off in your schedule, get changed, go to the gym, figure out what you’re going to do at the gym, do the actual exercise, shower and change again… which for some will seem like a lot

People forget or just don't realize how many little habits are baked into bigger habits, which can leave you feeling defeated or overwhelmed when you actually try to make a new habit happen.

One solution: Break down your new year goals into smaller daily actions so you can gain confidence, momentum, and build up your habit skills over time.

🤏🏾 Shrink the timeline.

Feeling like, as of January 1st, 2024, you have to EAT HEALTHY FOREVER can be overwhelming and can lead to those all to familiar overeating impulses like eating as much as you can in December because it’s your last chance to ever eat your mom's famous cookies.

One solution: Frame changes as short-term “challenges.”

Try ONE new behavior, like eating slowly, getting protein at each meal, or walking 7K steps/day—for two weeks to a month.

At the end of the 2-4 weeks, get honest with yourself about what worked and what didn’t. Was it so easy you’re ready to add on another habit or behaviour OR, was it unsustainable and you need to scale back?

👵🏼 Pretend it’s forever.


Sounds like the total opposite to what I said above, right?

And it sort of is, but different strategies will work for different people

Let’s say your goal is to start exercising.

Ask yourself...

“What would I have to do to continue this habit in some way, no matter what, forever?”

Then, go through a few challenging scenarios. 

For example, what if… 

… Your day gets super busy?

… You get injured?

… Your are now on carpool duty for gymnastics?

… You get stuck in late day meeting

What kind of ideas are YOU going to come up with to sustain your habit for the long haul. 

We all know behavior change is hard and frustrating, but is 100% worth it in the end I promise.

If you want some FREE advice on how to start, how to keep going, how to get back up when you fall...join my insiders private FB group. We have been chatting about motivation and meal prep lately with an amazing masterclass happening on Feb 1 at 7pm.

If you want to surround yourself with other amazing people upleveling their habits, and get FREE advice on how to start then join Lift Yourself LEAN

There is no reason to go it alone :)


Jan 09

I find if my water bottle has a straw, I can drink far more in a day than without a straw! I also keep a water bottle beside me in the living room where I usually sit, one in bedroom beside my bed, and one in basement where I sit to watch tv! I also am in the habit of taking one in my vehicle! Lots to drink!

Replying to

totally agree Gerri, my water bottle has a straw too and the more you have easy access the easier it is to make it happen!


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