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It's never to late...

I have a post about this coming out on my socials this Thursday too if you want to check it out, but you truly

have the rest of your life to achieve anything you truly care about, commit to, and are willing to sacrifice for.

Especially your overall health!

Let me share a story about a man you may recognize to prove this point...

- At 5 his father died.

- At 16 he quit studying.

- By 17 he already tried 4 jobs.

- At 18 he got married.

- Between 18 and 22 he worked as a driver and gave up.

-He joined the army and but didn’t make the grade.

-He tried to enter judicial school and was rejected.

- He failed as an insurance salesman.

- At 25 his wife left him and took his only daughter.

- Washed dishes in a small coffee shop.

- Failed to attempt to get his daughter back.

- At 65 he finally retired.

- On the first day of his retirement the government gave him $105.

He sat under a tree to write his testament but realized there was something he had not done, and that was cooking.

With the money from the government gave him, he bought himself a fryer, made fried chicken using a recipe his grandmother taught him, and sold it door to door in his village.

At the age of 88 Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC was a billionaire.

The excuse that it's "too late" or you "don't have enough time" is invalid, its an excuse you tell yourself to feel better about the decision(s) you have made to not reach for a goal or try something new.

My free 2 week promo ends FRIDAY April 30th and who knows if Ill ever do it again. The timing will NEVER be perfect, life's challenges will pop up, but if you really want to make some changes in your health then yesterday was the best day to start and today is the second best day.

Click this link to workout with me live online, in person or workout on your schedule with my video library and lets get working together.


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