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Did you quit??

Did you know that by mid-Feb 80% of people who committed to some sort of New Year resolution has quit! 80%!!! And here is why I think this happens...

no plan in place, just an idea

no support, so no one holding your accountable

its what everyone does, right??

When the New Year starts and our motivation is high it is easy to

  • work hard on our fitness... ⁠

  • get into a good groove with our workout schedule…⁠

  • feel awesome and strong... ⁠

… then all of a sudden, life happens.

We start missing our workouts.⁠

Maybe we get sick or injured, or work is busy, or we're too exhausted to work out. Or maybe the stress is overwhelming us.

What starts as a few days off becomes weeks, then months… maybe even a few years and in the case of COVID, for most its has been 2 years.

⁠First off — it’s OK!

But let’s be real — jumping back in can be really hard. Getting back into that consistent groove can be challenging and uncomfortable.

So, keep these 4 tips in mind as you start to get your groove back...

1. Give Yourself Grace. Don’t beat yourself up for taking some time away from your workouts. You’re getting started again — that’s all that matters. ⁠

2. Evaluate Your Expectations. Things might be a bit uncomfortable at first. It’s normal! It’ll feel better and better as you go. ⁠

3. Choose Something Fun. Don’t start with grueling workouts you hate (that’s the surest way to burn out). Start by prioritizing movement you enjoy. ⁠

4. Recruit a Support Buddy. Find a friend or family member who can join you. It does more than hold you accountable — it keeps things fun! ⁠

And if you still feel lost or want some helping knowing what to do, I’ve got you :)

If you’re looking to get back into a fitness routine but don’t know where to start (or you don’t want to stress about coming up with your own workout program) — you’ll LOVE this

You can test out our group classes FREE for 1 week online or in person or book a FREE success session if one on one training is more your vibe.

You have nothing to lose, but a chance to get every back - your health, fitness, energy, self confidence etc etc etc!!!

Got questions? Just hit "reply" to this email, and l’ll take care of you right away!


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