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Tips to Speed up your Results

We all want results and we all want them fast. If you are ready to speed up the process I have 3 tips to not only help you reach your goals but reach them faster.

Tip #1 – It’s about Quality not Quantity, many of you have seen the same people in the gym week after week spending hours and hours of time training. We all know these people they are there before and leave after you, yet they still only get minimal results if any at all. Your training program should focus more on intensity and effort then duration. The point of most workouts is to torch fat and stimulate lean muscle growth. Odds are you would be better served by putting in 30-40 minutes of high intensity training then just shuffling around the gym for an hour or more. Quality of your time matters far more than the quantity of time you spend training. Tip #2 – Consistency is the Key to success – your routine, your program and your lifestyle dictate your results. As the saying goes “it’s not what we do some of the time, but rather what we do most of the time” this couldn’t be truer for your training. I am talking everything from your strength training, aerobic work, and your daily diet, all the way down to your sleeping habits. It has to be consistent to work, one bad day of eating doesn’t derail all your hard work just like one great workout won’t turn you into an Olympic level athlete. It comes down to consistently following good habits, not skipping days and putting in a consistent effort day after day inside the gym as well as the kitchen. Tip #3 – Love what you do – If you truly enjoy your training, activity and sport odds are you will love the results that come with it. When you enjoy something and love it you do it even when it’s not convenient, you do it even when you’re tried or short on time, you do it because you look forward to it. Now you might not enjoy every single aspect of the training but for the most part if you find joy it you will make it happen even when days get long and life gets in the way. What’s the best training program? The one you enjoy and will stick with for the long haul, find the activities you love, the activities you enjoy, the activities you look forward to and the results will soon follow.

Often times we overcomplicate fitness, and getting results. I can promise you this if you follow the above tips you will not only find results but also enjoyment in the journey.

At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, not just the destination but the journey on this ride to a healthier, happier, fitter you!

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