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Rename your Battles

Struggling with your diet is normal for 99% of the population.

Especially in today's world where food is literally everywhere.

So let me share an idea with you that I use on how to flip the script, here's how it works.

Everyone calls the food they eat their "diet"

And the common way of talking about your diet is to say things like:

"I struggle to stay on track with my diet"


"I tend to slip up with my diet at night or on the weekends"

This is just the common way of talking about our diet.

But if we want uncommon results - we have to do things differently.

So try this exercise:

Rename your struggle or battle.

And release yourself from the power it holds over you.

Instead of "Diet"

Call the food you eat "Your Rockstar Fuel"


"Your Live to 100 Lifeforce"


"Your lean and mean Meals"

Now it sounds weird to say "I struggle to eat my lean and mean meals"

All of a sudden your struggle becomes a strength.

Now I'm not saying you'll be perfect, but watch how your behaviour around food and meals start to shift. How your mindset will become less flexible or wishy washy around your food choices.

It's how you start to change your identity...from someone who routinely goes on and off "diets" to someone who DECIDES what is best for them, their body and mind.

A slip up is just a slip up, you don't need to stress over it.

Your Lean and Mean meals are delicious and easy to follow - That's your new mindset!

Leave me a comment on what your new script is, I would love to hear what words resonate with you.

1 Comment

Great advice, Cheryl!

I don’t particularly struggle with my meals.

I struggle with “strong body snacking!”

Chocolate and cookies don’t build a strong body.

That’s my rename!

“Strong body snack”.

Hope this helps someone else too!



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