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Plateau busters

Rut, Funk, plateau, become stale, bored, etc... these words are all used to describe the same thing people feel when they are stuck. Here are the top things that I recommend when you find you're in a funk with your workouts or transforming your body.

1 -Get serious - Maybe you've just been lazy and not putting forth the effort that you need to put in. Missing workouts, justifying too many cheat meals, saying you make it up later in the week, etc...

Instead give 4 weeks of dedicated honest effort to your workouts and I'm willing to bet you'll have less cheat meals, you'll miss fewer workouts, and because of that the results will quickly follow.

2- Starting training with a partner - A good workout partner or a good coach can truly take your workouts and results to the next level. I miss the workout buddies I have had in the past, it truly does push you to be better. Or find a small group training community to be apart of with people that will support, challenge and motivate you. This always helps break plateaus.

Bonus... when your someone's training partner your job is to push them just as much as they are going to push you. With that said, when you have someone that is also expecting you to hold them accountable it will naturally make you step up so that your leading by example :-)

3- Switch up your routine - Focus on new training goals, such as getting stronger, become faster, running a 5K, rowing a new time. This doesn't mean you have to abandon what makes you happy with your workouts but for about 6 weeks switching up the focus of your workouts will jumpstart the results.

4. Change atmospheres - This one holds a place in my heart because the atmosphere is SO important to me with Positive Image Fitness. Being surrounded by people who aren't putting in an honest effort, who aren't striving to be better and improve you will naturally (without realizing it) begin to taper your level of effort.

5. Switch up your diet - I only recommend this if you have a good history of dieting and a healthy relationship with food. There are limitless options but pick something and commit to it for 4-6 weeks….at least and see how you dig it and if it fits your lifestyle. The Next 6 week Lift Yourself LEAN program starts Sept 18th if you need a place to start!

Let me say it again …. the people around you and atmosphere matter BIG.

Being surrounded by negativity, people who stir the pots, cliques and inner circles cause more stress than stress relief.

A positive atmosphere with people who are supportive, hardworking and WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED will be a game changer. If you're in an negative or unhealthy environment then changing that environment will go a long way to changing your results.

So, whenever you’re ready... here are some ways I can help you be more consistent in your health, fitness and nutrition journey...

1. Join Positive Image Fitness classes Free for a 7 Day Trial – Click Here

Access to all the in person and live online classes plus the video library with 100's of workouts for all fitness levels with minimal equipment.

2. Get on a Personal Call with Me – Click Here

15 Minute Zoom or phone call with me to chat your goals, answer any questions you have on fitness, nutrition, habits, or recovery and the best way I can help you in a group setting or with one on one coaching

3. Join the lift yourself lean private FB community - Click Here

For added accountability, motivations and surrounding yourself with other upleveling their health and fitness


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