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How long is this going to take??

Todays post is from Travis Merritt who put together a great message about fat loss, weight loss and how long it can take...

Reminder the 6 week Lift Yourself LEAN program starts Monday Sept 18th, doors close on Sept 15. You can check it out here... Lift Yourself LEAN Program | PositiveImageFitness

Let's say you want/need/have to drop 20 lbs and wonder how much you should work out to accomplish this. Here is a HYPOTHETICAL range of what you can expect with various workout times (frequency and duration). From this point forward, let's assume the following is true:

  • Your eating is on point. You are in a caloric deficit and are eating at least 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight

  • You do a combination of strength training and cardio

  • Your avg HR for the workout is 70% and up for the duration of the workout (workout intensity does matter)

What could you expect to happen in 3 months?

Workout 30min 3 week-Most likely a drop of 5-6lbs of fat

Workout 1 hour 3 week-Most likely a drop of 12+ pounds

Workout 1 hour 4x week-Mostly like a drop of 16+ pounds

Workout 1 hour 5 week-Most likely a drop of 22+pounds

Workout 90min 5 week-Most likely a drop of 28+ pounds

Workout 2 hours 5 week-Mostly like a drop of 34+ pounds

Keep in mind these numbers are ballpark at best, and many additional variables can affect the rate at which your body could see change, such as:

  • How much weight you have to lose (the more weight you have to lose, the faster you will drop, the leaner you are, the slower it's going to come off)

  • Your age (a 20yr old is going to drop weight faster than someone in their 50s. Its just the price of getting older)

  • Gender (Yes, men can drop weight faster than women. Unfair? Yes!)

  • Workout history (ever heard of newbie gains?? totally true vs someone who has been training for a longer time)

  • Medical history/medications (hormones, medications can and will affect the rate at which you drop)

  • Diet (I know we assume you eat perfectly, but let's call it what it is... the better you eat, the faster things happen)

These variables can cause your rate to be slower or faster than the rate I've listed, so again, take my expectations with a GIANT grain of salt here. These are ranges, not gospel. Merely a compass to point you in the direction to give you an idea of how much MAYBE you need to aim for.

Side note: It's usually best to do more than you think because, in most cases, you won't be perfect. Humans are amazing creatures, but we are flawed, at best, and always a work in progress, and life will happen, such as missed workouts or meals.

Remember, the 6 week Lift Yourself LEAN program starts Monday Sept 18th, doors close on Sept 15. You can check it out here... Lift Yourself LEAN Program | PositiveImageFitness

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