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Day One!

I am keeping it super short and simple today as we are in the last 4 days of 2021. I find a lot of people take the time between Christmas and New Years to rest, relax and reflect on the year. What they loved, what they regretted, what they want for 2022.

No matter what it is you want to do different for 2022 it all starts with a day one.

There is nothing you want to achieve “one day” that doesn’t begin with a Day One.

Day One is when you begin the consistent behaviors that lead to what you’re hoping for one day: the weight loss, your own business, the corner office, and most importantly, feelings of satisfaction, pride, and peace.

Day one provides a sense of renewal, commitment, and forgiveness. Your success hinges on non negotiable daily behaviors.

You must commit to them again every day if you’re going to be the person you want to be. All that matters are the actions of today.

If I fail at a day one (which happens, a lot!), I don’t consider it a negative. I treat the next day as another Day One: a renewal of my commitment to the behaviors that make me someone I am proud of.

You make the choice with your daily actions - the behaviors you make non-negotiable each day.

Acting on them day in and day out, will narrow the gap between the person you want to be and how you behave each day. Control what’s in your control and how you behave on a day-to-day basis - be consistent!

Develop the commitment to specific daily behaviors and then you will be living life on your terms.

Have a New Years full of fun and laughter my friends and we will chat in 2022.


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