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Crush the 2nd half of 2023

Truths to crush your goals for the 2nd half of 2023...

1 ~ Accept that taking responsibility is the most critical step you can make if you want to enjoy success in transformation, or anything in life…. Personal accountability is a must, 99% of the time the reason you did or didn’t get something is because of YOU.

2 ~ Want to be more successful? Surround yourself with good people and immerse yourself in a positive, goal orientated like-minded community. Model them, be friends with them and model their rituals, habits and behaviors.

3 ~ If you want to see better results, sometimes you have to do better work. Often times more than you think is fair. But when you look back, you realize that the amount of work wasn't near as much as you anticipated. Genetics are real, being born into a certain financial class, or chaotic environment is also real… some people have it good; some people got the short end of the stick.

Some of you have to work harder than others that’s life, nobody said it was fair but complaining doesn’t change your circumstances…. your not responsible for where you start in life but you are responsible for where you finish!

4 ~ Enjoy the journey. Fall in love with the process. Even when you reach your destination, you'll realize that without enjoying the process, the outcome rarely is as rewarding as you'd have hoped.

The real prize in all reality is the journey, that’s the real game once you understand that and figure it out your loving everyday. If you fail to understand this concept you will be chasing a never-ending goal until you die - no thanks!

5 ~ Invest in will provide you with far more worth than monetary value.

My advice start investing in programs, challenges, courses, a coach, a community that helps educate, motivate and holds you accountable…. that is the best $$$$ you can spend.

I hope these help open your eyes to the endless possibilities that are in front of you. You can do amazing things with your body, your career, your relationships and your life.

The key is having the right people in your corner, on your team to help support, drive and push you to be your best.

If you are looking for a coach or a community that wants you to success reply to this message I am happy to help anyway I can.

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Excellent post!! ❤️. The fitness journey - a lifelong lifestyle and commitment. Thank you Cheryl, you're an amazing coach, I appreciate your leadership!!!


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